Does the HCG Diet Cause Acne?

Many ask if the hcg diet causes acne.  Some people experience an increase of acne on the hcg diet, and may draw a comparision between the two.  But, is there really a cause and effect?  

Now, I am certainly not a dermatologist or a physician, but the question spurred me on to some research to discover more about the correlation between acne and hcg.

If you have questions about this, or if you are experiencing an increase of acne on the diet, here's an active forum where you can participate and ask some questions.

HCG Acne ???

"Hi I have 5000 iu in the fridge, i want too try it with my Winstrol – stanozolol Turanabol stack. But i have heard that HCG – human…/hcg-acne-945573.html"


Here's some more information related to common skin problems that may (or may not be) associated with the HCG diet…

Acne and Skin Issues on the HCG Diet 


What's your take about an increase of acne on the diet?  Is there a relation between taking HCG and the increase of skin issues?  Or, could the skin issues be due to a deficiency of nutrients due to the lack of quality calories? Do you think there even is a correlation?

Let us know your thoughts about acne and the hcg diet!

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