Cycling Steroids on the HCG Diet

Not everyone's cup of tea, and not perceived as the healthiest option, the facts are that some people will cycle steroids on the hcg diet.

Of course, there are many different types of steroids that an individual may be using.  In fact, there are plenty of legal steroids prescribed by doctors for health reasons.

Regardless of where you personally stand on weigh lifters using anabolic steroids to supplement their bodybuilding, the fact of the matter is that the practice occurs.

This post & website doesn't condone the use of anaboloic steroids on the hcg diet, but merely to help present the issue for those that are seeking more information. 

The following write up is a forum where you can find out more information regarding this.

HCG with Cycle?

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Was Manny Ramiresz on HCG or Anabolic Steroids?


I hope this information helps those that are seeking additional resources regarding the hcg diet and anabolic steroids. I recommend conducting a thorough investigation and research regarding this controversial topic.