Want to Start the HCG Diet but the Holidays are Just Around the Corner?

holidays are fast approaching and you’d like to start a round…but who wants to
be on a restrictive diet on Christmas Day? On one hand, if you did start now, you’d
likely lose 10-15 pounds as well as avoid the average “5-pound holiday gain”
for a “net loss” of 15-20 pounds, before
you see all those family members and friends during Christmas and New Year’s festivities. On the
other hand, you’re afraid you won’t follow the very low calorie diet perfectly
on Christmas, and the HCG Diet is not forgiving when it comes to veering from
the prescribed diet…what to do?

if you’ve got as little as 3 weeks before Christmas, start now. You’ll get 10-15 pounds off before the
holidays, be able to have lots of good, healthy food and even some alcohol during
Christmas week, and then on January 2nd pick up where you left off. Dr. Simeons addressed this subject in his
manuscript under “Unforeseen Interruptions of Treatment” but we refer to it as
a “Planned Break.” To get all the details on performing a Planned Break, read on.

Planned Break…

  • Stop
    taking HCG 3 days prior to the Planned Break.
  • Complete
    20 consecutive, effective (HCG plus low calorie) days either before or after the break.
  • Eat healthy and keep
    processed or added sugars and starches to a minimum
    (but you do not have
    to completely avoid them) while enjoying meat, fats, fruits, and vegetables. Obviously,
    this is not the same as a gorge, but rather a comfortable level of intake.
  • If
    you drink, have only 1 or 2 and choose hard alcohol over wine, beer, or sugary drinks to stick to the
    low carb recommendation.
  • Resume
    HCG in conjunction with the low calorie diet after the break (which should be between 4 and 8 days long), but no gorge days!
  • You
    may gain a few pounds, but should then lose them relatively quickly after resuming
    the protocol.

For example, if you would really like to lose
10 – 20 pounds before Christmas and Thanksgiving has not yet arrived, plan to start
on Thanksgiving! Keep in mind that the first 2 days on the protocol are the “gorge”
or “load” days when you stock up your normal fat reserves by eating fatty foods.
Make sure you take HCG on these 2 days.

Then follow the protocol until December 22nd;
most participants will lose 10 – 20 pounds in 2-3 weeks. If you stop taking HCG on December 22nd, the
HCG will be out of your system by Christmas Day. You can enjoy December 25th
through January 1st with your family and then be ready to hit the
HCG Protocol hard again on January 2nd. You may add a few of the 10 – 20 pounds previously lost, but you will
have felt great through the holidays, and you won’t mind spending the next 3-7
days losing those couple pounds and continuing on to finish your round.

NOTE: A Planned Break is not recommended if you only
have one meal (a wedding) or one day (Thanksgiving Day) that you are going to
eat “off protocol”. For these
situations, it is better to just take the “hit” of gaining a couple pounds and
resuming the diet the very next day.