HCG Diet: What You Must Know!: HCG Diet Tips and Recipes for Weight Loss! (HCG Diet Cookbook for Beginners) (HCG Diet Plan, HCG Injections, HCG Recipes, HCG For Weight Loss 2)

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Are you rummaging around the web and through books or magazines for a way to jazz up your HCG Diet program? Or perchance, you like to study more on the now famous HCG diet to lose weight? Should this be your situation, then you are looking at the correct book that can surely assist you!

I have been over those days wondering over the possibility that there exists a way to inject some joie de vivre into a diet, making it capable for me to lose weight and keeping it that way for a very long time. As a consequence, I went on full swing to conduct research.
Only then did I become conscious that THERE IS a way to lose weight and enjoy every minute of it! Accordingly, I am wishing to impart this learned familiarity to you and all folks who are interested in it. So, I penned two books; one aimed at beginners and the second, this book, to make the HCG diet an enjoyable journey.
And, even if you have not yet started the HCG diet, rest assured that you will be requiring the extra knowledge presented in this second book, “HCG Diet: Amazingly Delicious HCG Diet Recipes for Weight.”

Within this second book of the series on the “HCG Diet,” you shall learn:

  • 1. Why and how the HCG Diet works in losing weight
  • 2. How much weight you can lose in a day and how to maintain the weight loss
  • 3. How safe is HCG and the effectiveness of its diet
  • 4. The individual factors affecting the capability of a person to lose weight
  • 5. What are the four fundamental phases and their purposes in the HCG diet
  • 6. The probable reasons why people fail in each phase of the diet
  • 7. The specifics of every phase, including tips on what to do in the process
  • 8. Recipes to try on each phase besides the allowed food list and prohibitions to encourage your creative juices to do some experimentations in the kitchen, and
  • 9. What to do beyond completion of the HCG diet

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Why This Book?

Improve your sex life!

This book offers a great deal of elasticity in your dishes while adhering to the protocol of your HCG phase. It opens your eyes to choices you may have failed to perceive before, and it instructs you how to proceed, should you still hold some pounds you wish to be free of.
Your goals change with time. You might have attained them and just want maintenance or you might be happy with what you lost and will now wish to add lean mass. As every goal needs an altered fitness and eating program, the knowledge found in this book will aid you to achieve that.
This book; however, does not assure you that you will never gain back the fat you lost. In its place, it delivers an opportunity for you to understand the reasons why you are gaining weight, as well as how to control your weight. Should this be what you really want in your life, then this book is written for you.

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