HCG Diet Cookbook: 50 Easy, Delicious, Low Carb Recipes to Lose Weight and Live Happily (Weight Loss, Dieting, Healthy, Paleo, Low Calorie, Caloric, Serving Book 1)

This book contains proven steps, strategies and recipes that utilize the HCG diet protocol to lose weight and be healthier.

Within these pages, you will find several great, low-calorie recipes to help you with your weight loss goals.

You will find:

  • The method to use starting the HCG diet and how to maintain it
  • HCG Breakfast Recipes
  • HCG Lunch Recipes
  • HCG Dinner Recipes
  • HCG Salad Recipes
  • HCG Snack Recipes
  • HCG Beverage Recipes

You owe it to yourself and your health to purchase this book. If you follow these recipes, you will soon be amazed seeing the new you and I hope that you will tell me about your progress.

Thank you for buying my book!